Game Design

Punchy Cube

Punchy Cube: Fight! is a fighting game where players pick to fight on the side of science or superstition. My responsibilities on the team include primarily designing, modeling and texturing the 3D environments players will be fighting in. We will also be working on a story based arcade beat-em-up following Punchy Cube: Fight!


Delusions is a concept for a survival horror game. The idea of the game is to fight to survive against the cold and your own mind. Faced with hypothermia, starvation, dehydration and hallucinations the player must survive long enough to find help or die trying. To help illustrate my ideas for it I've created sample renders of a teaser clip and two possible endings. Assets Used.


Insight is a game intended to teach about how the tale of the theft of fire is told across many different cultures. Our demo shows the Ojibwe story of Nanaboozhoo through an artistic puzzle game. The demo was created during the game jam at the end of the game design Immersion Program ran by Glitch. My team includes Ajuawak Kapashesit, Alex Chang, JJ Otto and Kelsey Maher. We plan on continuing and expanding the game to include many different cultures.

Game Jams

I love taking part in game jams which is an event where you get a team together and create a game within 24 hours. Generally I take on the role of artist in the games I help create and you can see the work I've done for them here. My first game was Shocked, followed by Snow Wars, Insight's demo and then a VR Fish and Land of Shapes both made for the Global Game Jam.

Game Jams

Punchy Cube Theater Diner Theme Wireframe1